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Insight: 2020: A Monster Year of Our Own Doing? Is Veganism the Only Solution?

Bushfires in Australia. Storms in the US. Pandemic due to COVID. Are these created by us? If so, How? Is it because of the particular lifestyle that we have chosen? Is it our disregard for the environment? I'm sure a lot of us have been asking the question: when will 2020 be over? It's about time that we take things slow. Introspect. Think about what we have done as a human race.

All our choices have led us to where we are right now.

The Bushfire in Australia started in December of 2019. The bushfire destroyed 18.6 million hectares of land including around 6000 buildings. Smoke inhalation caused 400 deaths. It is one of the world's biggest natural disasters which started our year 2020. Along with it, floods damaged properties in Jakarta, Indonesia. The trash thrown all over the city caused drainage systems to clog which contributed to more flash floods. Floods were as deep as 5ft causing electric shocks, landslides, and deaths.

The current Coronavirus pandemic. An outbreak that started in Wuhan China, the virus has caused not just a health scare to all nations but has caused the economic impact. The cause of the virus has been tracked down to animals. The WHO has declared this outbreak to be a pandemic as has caused nations to rethink how we live life. 9 months into 2020 we still do not have a cure.

The eruption of the Taal Volcano in the Philippines caused mass evacuations of over 300,000 people. Earthquakes in Jamaica and Russia destroying millions of dollars in property. In India, forest fires, cyclones, locust swarms, and floods.

Phew!!! And it's only September. We hope there are no more monster surprises for us this year. Enough bad news!

Can changing your diet to veganism be the solution to all the problems?


A Vegan Sandwich Can Save the World!

Simple daily choices like choosing a sandwich can be a big step in saving the world. The Kitchen Girl suggests different scrumptious vegan sandwiches.

Now, you're asking how can a sandwich change the world? The whole animal meat industry relies on your sandwich choice. The global demand for meat is on a rise and produces more than 320 million tons each year (According to a 2014 research). To date, the world is producing more than four times the amount we produced fifty years ago. Pork is the most popular meat consumed globally. 80 billion animals are slaughtered yearly. 1st world countries consume more animal by-products. The big three countries producing meat (includes cattle, poultry, sheep, goat, pork, and wild game) are China, the United States, and India.

The global population is in rapid growth which means we can expect rapid meat production. Demand continues to rise. As a global average, meat consumption per capita has increased to 20 kilograms since 1961. This means that meat production has been growing much faster. Meat production has a big impact on our environment. According to the World Resources Institute beef is more resource-intensive than other meat products.

Here are some awesome vegan sandwich recipes:

  1. Barbeque Pulled Jackfruit Sliders
  2. Chickpea Salad Sandwich
  3. Whole FOods SMoky TTLA Sandwich
  4. BBQ TOfu Stuffed Pita Pockets
  5. Vegan Meatball Sandwich

These sandwich recipes are not limited to hummus and a pile of cold veggies. You can create fun in your sandwich and it can taste a million times better than an animal meat sandwich. If you think it would be hard to look for ingredients for your vegan sandwiches, think again. As the COVID 19 pandemic has made people more aware of the healthy lifestyle that they should have had. The demand for vegan foods rises as well. The demand for vegan cheese is predicted to reach $7 billion by the end of 2030 according to Transparency Market Research. The report cites how climate change along with the COVID 19 pandemic has made consumers more aware of their responsibility in making the environment healthier and safer.

Veganism can be the best solution to our environmental problems. Maybe not all, but as you choose a vegan sandwich, you will be able to move a step forward a cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle.

Veganism is different from vegetarianism. If you are new to the term, let me clarify it for you. The vegetarian society defines a vegetarian as a person who does not eat any meat: poultry, pork, chicken, beef, and other by-products. A Vegetarian diet contains fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. On the other hand, veganism is often considered to be anchored in animal rights. So, for this same reason, vegans not just avoid animal meat and their by-products, veganism is a lifestyle strongly anchored in animal rights. Vegans avoid non-sustainable products. Veganism is a lifestyle that chooses cruelty-free products over convenience.

Choose Sustainable Products

Cruelty-free, sustainable, and environment-friendly fashion has gone mainstream. You have several brands to choose from. From designer bags to luxury shoes. Eco-friendly vegan leather to affordable vegan wallets. Veganism (not just vegetarianism) is one of the best solutions to our environmental problems. (If not, veganism can be the only solution to our environmental and health problems).


  1. Veganism fights world hunger - Most of the food that we cultivate is not for humans. 70% of grain is for livestock. An estimated 700 million tons of food go to livestock instead of humans every year. Without livestock, more people will be able to eat healthy food.
  2. Veganism helps in the conservation of water resources - millions of people around the world do not have access to clean potable water. One cause of which is mismanagement of water sources. Livestock needs around 200 times more water than growing vegetables.


  1. Veganism saves trees - You need acres of land to raise livestock. The world loses acres of land each year because of deforestation which in turn accelerates climate change.


  1. A vegan diet reduces energy consumption - Again, consumer demands will determine how much animal meat is slaughtered for consumption. If there is less demand for animal meat, there is lesser energy consumption. Raising livestock requires a lot of energy and costs a lot of money. Your sandwich choice will make a big difference!


  1. It is the more ethical and cruelty-free option - Meat factory farms will continue to raise and slaughter animals upon demand. Cows being raised from birth to death only to become a "burger" is as cruel as it can get. The vast majority of meat farms raise animals in a very grim condition. You can put an end to this by your simple choice of what to have for lunch.

Veganism should not just be the way vegans live. It should be the way all of us should live. If not for the sake of the environment, for the sake of our health. Choosing vegan leather for your bags instead of animal leather is the sustainable option. Choosing a pair of shoes made from grape scraps helps the environment in more ways than one.

We do not want to cause another pandemic like this again. We are still in the works of trying to solve this COVID-19 pandemic. We should not take any more blows this 2020 monster year. We should rethink our lifestyle and we should start now. So, is veganism the ONLY solution? Answer: It is the BEST solution!

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  • Very thoughtful and well articulated. V for Vinita, V for Vegan

    Salil Sawant

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