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GnL Accessories is the culmination of the work by talented individuals who shared our belief in sustainable fashion and contributed to establishing GnL as an ethical fashion brand.


Our Vision

Sustainable fashion cork fabric bag collection

From its inception, GnL Accessories is set out to be an ethical fashion brand that respects workers and environment just as much as it does customers.

GnL was created to be a conversation starter, an ethical fashion brand that constantly build on our experiences in innovative sustainable fashion and fair-trade practices, while taking you on a journey of luxurious yet eco-friendly fashion.

We would like to be viewed as an environmentally friendly fashion brand that is instrumental in making sustainable fashion mainstream, blending an obsession for stylish, high-quality pieces with a conscious effort in insisting on vegan, organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and fair-trade ethical practices. The aim is to create a brand that not only looks good, but also does good.

Implementing cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethical fair-trade processes is a visionary dream come true for our founder and creative director. It is this vision & passion of sustainability that we are more than thrilled to share with you.


Our Logo

GnL Accessories Sustainable Fashion

GnL Accessories’ logo symbolises our passion for sustainability and promise of ethical practices. Designed to resemble a fingerprint with a delicate heart in the centre, the brand’s initials, GnL, form the lines of the fingerprint, while the heart and the line above form an exclamation mark.

The heart in fingerprint logo signifies our steadfast commitment to the humane side of fashion and care towards all that surround us, reflecting the GnL brand promise of sustainable fashion based on cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethical brand practices.



Our Cruelty-Free & Sustainable Fabrics

As Vinita, our founder, said it best, “Sustainability is choosing to consume in a way that least impacts the non-renewable natural resources and the ecological-balance in our environment.” GnL Accessories believes in the power of individuals to make a positive difference for our planet, and our goal can never be realised without our laser sharp focus on sustainability.

Although sustainability has become a buzzword for many, for GnL it is an action word. We are committed to using plant-based fabric in our collections. We have completely eliminated the use of any animal derived ingredient in our processes and strive to minimise the use of faux leather or polyurethane (PU). 

Our first collection is made using cork fabric (fabric made from the bark of a cork tree) and teak leaf fabric (fabric made from dried teak leaves). We have used fabric made from used plastic bottles to line our cork fabric bags. Our teak leaf fabric bags are lined with cotton.  

We are proud to use resources that include materials that are vegan, organic, cruelty-free, recycled, non-toxic and eco-friendly, reducing wastes and the impact on non-renewable natural resources in our environment. Through creative and high-quality designs by our creators, we bring you stylish sustainable fashion products that you can wear with pride!


Our Conscious & Ethical Practices

Ethical brand for fair trade and sustainable fashion

Remember 2013 in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, where 1,138 people lost their lives in a fast fashion factory collapse?

Being a conscious ethical brand entails respect for our workers, designers and resources along with our customers. This translates to sustainable fashion pieces of a high quality that is doubly insured by respect to both the customer and the creator.

GnL Accessories takes pride in working with fair-trade ethical fashion manufacturers and suppliers who provide work conditions that ensure a safe environment, reasonable work hours, fair wages and minimum legal age for their workforce. In addition to our vegan, organic, cruelty-free eco-friendly fashion materials, we bring you conscious ethical fashion products with a philosophy that values your experience with respect.