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News Feature: Are plant-based mock meats "hyper-processed"?

Impossible Foods has been triggered to go to war with Lightlife as the later release strong statements against the plant-based food Impossible Foods is producing. In a full-page ad in the New York Times, Lightlife hits Impossible Foods with a low blow by saying that they are a plant-based brand but put too much processing in their products.

According to Lightlife who also criticized Beyond Meat, "People deserve a better plant-based protein which is not hyper-processed. Consumers should eat burgers that do not come from a lab. Ingredients should be clean and recognizable. Ingredients should be simply pronounced."

LightLife in their website urges consumers to "Try a Clean Plant-Based Burger for a Change" as their ad stats. Furthermore, they caption it with "We've made a clean break from the "food-tech" companies that attempt to mimic meat in every way. We develop our plant-based protein in a kitchen, not a lab. We use recognizable ingredients. Our food is not only delicious but also give people the clean option they seek." On the other hand, Impossible Foods mission, according to their website, is "To Save Meat. and Earth." as they create the alternative meat for all consumers.

Impossible Foods set the record straight by publishing on Medium. According to them, LightLife's campaign against them is highly misleading. The number of ingredients in our product is irrelevant; what matters is the quality and nutritional value of our plant-based foods.

The Cruelty-free route is becoming less cruelty-free with the competitive banter these companies are throwing each other. In this round, I think Impossible Foods takes the lead. What matters is the nutritional value you get from the plant-based food. Ultimately, it is the consumer that will decide which burger is better for them. It will boil down to how they can remain faithful to being vegan, and at the same time, enjoy the food they eat.


What about you, who do you think won this round of the battle? In the end, it should be the consumer that should win.

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