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In search of Sustainable Products, that are Stylish and Cruelty-Free

When you think about cruelty-free and sustainable fashion, you often associate it with vegan leather. You rarely associate it with luxurious and stylish. We have been so misled and accustomed to buying brands that are luxurious but are cruel to animals. We buy crocodile skin belts. We buy fur coats. We buy snakeskin belts. It has been our shopping culture ever since the fashion trends of the kings and queens.

There is an alternative to animal skin fashion, and this trend is on the rise. But the question for most shoppers is this: Can this alternative vegan and cruelty-free products be stylish and luxurious?

GNL Accessories: Sustainable Products with Luxury and Style

Style and Comfort can go hand and hand. Luxury and style can go hand in hand as well. But cruelty-free and luxury? Cruelty-free and stylish? Are there brands that carry all these?

Let us take a look at a brand which not just passes PETA approved standards but also luxurious and stylish at the same time.

GNL Accessories is a brand that is culminated by talented individuals who share a belief in sustainable fashion and contribution to ethical fashion. GnL is an ethical fashion brand. From its inception, GnL Accessories is set out to be an ethical fashion brand that respects workers and the environment just as much as it does customers. GnL was created to be a conversation starter; an ethical fashion brand that builds on innovative sustainable fashion and fair-trade practices while taking you on a journey of luxurious yet eco-friendly fashion.

The brand would like to be known as an environmentally friendly fashion brand. It is instrumental in making sustainable fashion mainstream, blending an obsession for stylish, high-quality pieces with a conscious effort in insisting on vegan, organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and fair-trade ethical practices. The aim is to create a brand that not only looks good but also does good.

Implementing cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and ethical fair-trade processes is a visionary dream come true for GnL's founder and creative director. It is this vision & passion for sustainability that they aim to share with their shoppers.


3 Core Values of "Genuinely Not Leather"

PETA Approved. GnL's bags are made from cork, teak leaves, and coffee grounds. The inner lining of our bags is made from recycled plastic bottles. The company also plants 1 tree for every sale it makes.

No Animal Derived Agents. All fabrics, glues, dyes, and threads are free from animal-derived ingredients. Minimized use of Polyurethane and PVC in their bags.

Fair wage practices. Workers are paid fair wages and have access to clean working conditions, get statutory holidays, lunch breaks, are paid fairly for overtime hours; and have access to a grievance redressal system.


Customer Reviews: What Shoppers Say about GNL

Here are some unsolicited customer reviews from GnL customers:

Candy from Hong Kong wrote: "This GnL cork bag pretty much sums up what I have been looking for - vegan-friendly, regenerative materials, recycled plastic lining plus a super chic and lovely outlook. Love the fact that it's made with cork sourced sustainability and ethically what more coil you ask for"

Jacqueline Hamilton said in a review "I love the gorgeous bag! It's lightweight and the thought that it's made from cork is so exciting! From work and evening dinners it blends in with my life effortlessly! Thank you GNL for creating such an amazing product!"

"This bag is AMAZING and so so beautiful! I'm using it as a work tote, and the compartments work perfectly for my laptop, lunch, and work supplies. It makes it all the better that it's ethically made. I would recommend this bag to anyone. I will be a longtime customer and will be purchasing several of these for holiday gifts. Thank you GNL!" Melissa from the US wrote in her review.


The GNL Collection

The GNL Collection includes Totes and Hobos, Cross Body Bags, Clutches and Wallets, and even small accessories like passport covers and notebooks. Products are available at affordable prices for as low as $18. Each purchase comes with a 30-day return policy. Products ship from Hong Kong and orders above $100 enjoy free shipping. Products also ship almost immediately upon purchase or within 1 business day.


Top 5 Best Sellers (With Price and Product Description):

  1. Althea Black Tote Bag ($140). Named after the Greek goddess of healing, Althea stands out from the rest with its conceptual silhouette. Intertwined with multiple rope patterns as a strap and a front pocket detail incorporating the same, twisted rope, the bag plays with natural elements in a high-end way to create one of our collections' most sought-after bags.
  2. Frida Cross Body ($70). Inspired by Frida Kahlo's flamboyant style and fearless use of colors, our teak leaf leather clutch bag is a beautiful day-to-night piece. While the metal hardware chain elevates the design, even more, the bag's shape is ideal for fitting all the must-haves including keys, a phone, and a lipstick.


  1. Rainey Frame Bag ($120). Meaning 'Queen' this bag is influenced by an old school design that has a powerful structure with a mix of statement details. Rainey is a great go-to for a street style look. From the buckle to the gold chain and stylish top handle, all the bag's features are on point.


  1. Diana Wallet ($40). This wallet reminds us of the rich shade of autumn leaves. It is a neutral piece with a traditional design. Thanks to its minimal shape, the veins of the leaf leather stand out, even more, adding a clear sustainable inspiration to the wallet.


  1. Passport Covers ($25). Whether you are a jet-setter, globetrotter, adventurer, backpacker, excursionist, explorer, or enjoy laid back travel, let our vibrant passport covers accompany you on your journey. You can use our practical and functional passport covers to store cash, credit cards, traveler's checks, and other travel documents.


GNL Gives Back Every Purchase You Make

We give back to our planet by contributing to highly respected organizations that actively promote sustainable practices, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). To promote eco-friendly vegan fashion materials and cruelty-free brand practices, GnL partners with PETA to support animal welfare under the PETA Business Friends program. In choosing GnL Accessories, you lend support in our fight to #endspeciesism. Striving to end speciesism means actively eliminating the impact of our actions in everyday life on animals to achieve a cruelty-free world for all.

GnL Accessories is a partner of 'One Tree Planted', a non-profit organization based in Vermont, in a fashion for sustainability mission to give back to mother earth by planting trees. For each purchase you make, GnL plants one 'Hardy Black Mangrove' in the Sundarbans in India. The Indian Sunderbans, home to incredible biodiversity, are facing environmental erosion by the fishery and farming industries. This degradation is exacerbated by climate change, which brews near-constant cyclones and storms in the region, resulting in huge losses of forest cover.

"One Tree Planted" aims to reforest up to 10,000 hectares of mudflats and deforested lands in the Sundarbans by planting 1.5 million mangrove trees. This sustainability project will enhance biodiversity for marine life, establish ecosystem functions, limit coastal and island erosion, and shield vulnerable communities from high winds and waves. Aside from environmental sustainability, the project also serves to protect the long-term livelihoods of local communities.


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