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Footwear Brand Makes Wine Waste into Vegan Leather Sneakers

Luxury wine shoes, anyone? Mercer Amsterdam, a footwear giant is scheduled to launch sneakers made from wine waste. The company will release its new line of sneakers this Spring Summer '21.
Mercer Amsterdam is a high-end sneaker company founded by Pim Dresen, a Dutch designer.

The label focuses on luxury handmade sneakers and accessories for both men and women. The label became more famous for its collaborations with NASA. They are also the first company to collaborate with Piñatex in producing the very first fully sustainable vegan sneaker made from pineapple. As a proponent of sustainable fashion, the company has also partnered with Vegea.
Vegea is known for creating 'soft' and recyclable vegan leather made from leftover seed, stalks, and skins of grapes. VegeaTextile's vegan leather can be used in automotive, fashion, and design.

Newer Innovations to Game-Changing Sneakers Pim Mercer said in a statement to Plant Based News, "For me, it is important for us to try and change the high-end sneaker industry- it doesn't need to be all-leather all the time. The best
experience for me is when someone says 'I love this sneaker' without knowing the backstory.

This goes to show that sustainable, vegan, and plant-based footwear can be as nice and luxurious as real leather - and that is a game-changer in a mostly all-leather and plastic industry."
The vegan leather sneakers will also feature a mesh material made from recycled PET bottles and algae-based EVA sole. The collection is dubbed as the W3RD Wine Pack. As their tag line goes "vegan never looked this cool", this upcoming collection is said to be one of the coolest luxury sneakers to be added to your sustainable fashion collection.

This is indeed a game-changer innovation to help our environment and to further sustainable fashion. European Regulation EC 479/2008 has introduced important elements in the disposal of waste in the wine sector. Being able to convert wine waste to vegan leather, instead of just sending it to municipal plants for disposal is a win-win situation for the fashion and the environment. We look forward to more innovations like these that can change the game of luxury sustainable fashion in the years to come.

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