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5 Reasons Why Vegan Purse Should Replace Animal Leather Purses

Vegan purses are not the same as animal leather purses in terms of quality, style, overall feel, and price even. You can support ethical brands and enjoy the same stylish purse without compromising your ethical shopping standards. GNL's Vegan purse particularly has 5 bestseller features.

5 Reasons Why You should buy GNL's Vegan Purse

  1. Made from Cork and Teak Leaf

Pollution, toxic gases, emission are the main problems in the animal leather industry. 19 percent of all greenhouse gases come from industry and manufacturing including animal leather production. Climate change continues to be an international concern over the years as the 10 hottest years recorded started in 1998. The latest estimates have shown that global CO2 emissions are at 30,600 million tonnes.

Worldwide leather production derives from the processing of mainly three animal types: bovine, sheep and lambs, goats and kids. According to United Nations Industrial Development Organization study on Leather and Leather Products Industry entitle: Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprint in Leather Processing prepared by Federico Brugnol, In 2011, over 6.7 million tons of raw hides and skins have been produced which covers 95% of the worldwide finished leather production. This means that 99% of the world's leather production comes from animals which were raised mainly for milk or meat production.

The carbon footprint of finished leather is around 15000 kgCO2 equivalent per 100 m2 of leather. On the other hand, synthetic leather has only a third of the environmental impact compared to cow leather as Kering says in the 2015 EP&L statement regarding the environmental impacts of certain products based on its carbon footprint.

GnLs purses are made from cork and teak leaf which are PETA approved, ethically crafted, and cruelty-free products. The inner lining of the products is made from recycled plastic bottles. All fabrics, glues and dyes, and threads are free from animal-derived ingredients. We have also minimized the use of PVC and polyurethane in our bags.

  1. We use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles for the inner lining of our bags.

While there are a lot of recycling facilities available, the demand for recycled goods is low and hence most recycled goods still go to waste. By using GNL products, we are increasing the demand for recycled fabric and in turn, help the environment.

After recyclables are sorted, manufacturers will sort out recyclables. The goal of recycling facilities is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, increase economic securities by tapping a domestic source of materials, conserve natural resources like timber, water, and minerals, prevent pollution, and save energy. According to Leadpoint, one of the biggest problems in the recycling industry is the demand for recyclables. Supporting brands like GNL can address this concern. Recyclables can then be truly recycled and be put to good use instead of just being thrown away.

  1. Our brand is cruelty-free and vegan.

The GNL Brand is cruelty-free and vegan approved. Workers are paid fair wages. They have access to clean working conditions and get statutory holidays, lunch breaks, and are paid fairly for overtime hours, and have access to a grievance redressal system.

We also support global efforts to save our ecosystem. We plant one tree for every bag we sell (through onetreeplanted). One tree planted is a non-profit organization based in Vermont that makes the world a better place by planting one tree at a time. They have a global forest watch where you can see where help is most needed. Every vegan purse you buy supports this program by planting one tree.

GNL also supports PETA by its efforts to produce only vegan approved products. GNL believes that animals are not ours to wear.

  1. We work with ethical manufacturers and care for the unseen hands that touch our products even before we can.

GNL's cork fabric bag manufacturer is a member of the AMFORI BSCI Alliance and our teak leaf bags are manufactured by a workshop that hires tribal artisans. The Amori BSCI system monitors improvements in businesses that sets a common code of conduct. It offers a step-by-step approach that enables companies to put sustainable trade to heart by practicing ethical business standards.

By being part of this alliance assures shoppers that GNL products are fair to workers. Amfori BSCI audits producers against some core values which are translated to 13 Performance areas. Some of these are fair remuneration, no discrimination, decent work hours, occupational health and safety, no child labor, and a whole lot more conditions that assure buyers of fair labor practices.

Teak leaf leather is a leather-like fabric created from 'teak leaves'. Fallen/ mature teak leaves are taken and soaked in water solution to make it flexible. After this, they are arranged into sheets and sun-dried and then reinforced on a fabric backing. Our bags are made of 85% teak leaves. They are water-resistant and should not accumulate mold in humid conditions. Our unique, innovative, and eco-friendly teak leaf collection is made in Thailand by a workshop that hires tribal artisans. The factory has mastered the technology of converting teak leaves into the durable and stylish vegan fabric. They have numerous awards for their unique innovations in the eco-friendly fashion industry.

  1. GNL Accessories symbolize sustainability.

The logo of GnL accessories itself depicts sustainability. It was designed by Reshma Rohra. The logo emulates the sustainability of the brand and its ethical values. Its logo is represented by a fingerprint inscribed with the initial GnL. The exclamation mark anchored by a heart in the fingerprint signifies our strong commitment to GnL's brand values – compassionate, caring, humane, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, fair-trade, ethical brand practices. The logo (like a signature) symbolizes GnL's oath and brand promise as a sustainable fashion brand.

Here are some of our best sellers. The Diana Wallet ($40) is one of the favorites. This vegan purse reminds us of the rich shade of autumn leaves. It is a neutral piece with a traditional design. Thanks to its minimal shape, the veins of the leaf leather stand out, even more, adding a clear sustainable inspiration to the wallet. The Maya Wallet ($55) is another favorite as it features a classic style. Inspired by Maya Angelou, poet, and civil rights activist and her strength and support towards other women this wallet remind us of the rich shade of autumn leaves. It is a neutral piece with a traditional design. Thanks to its minimal shape, the veins of the leaf leather stand out, even more, adding a clear sustainable inspiration to the wallet.

By using a vegan purse from GnL, you have contributed to sustainability in fashion. Contribute to sustainability now.


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