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News Feature: Vegan Leather Shoes: Sustainable & Stylish

Hollywood actor Catherine Zeta-Jones has partnered with Butterfly Twist, a women's footwear brand to launch vegan leather shoes. According to Zeta-Jones in her recent Instagram post: "I am so excited to introduce to you all my newest project for @CasaZetaJones - a collection of bold, handmade shoes with @Butterflytwists… Not only is this shoe collection entirely vegan, but it is fresh, fun, and different! I hope you all love them the same way I do. Xoxo - CZJ"

The award-winning actor is not just a fashion icon but also an advocate of sustainability. According to her, she has personally been working with Casa Zeta-Jones to design all their new products. She wanted to bring joy, comfort, and style to her new collection of vegan leather shoes. She said she even has a few special favorites that personally make her feel good.

The vegan leather shoe collection will debut for about a month in 21 countries before its actual release to 66 Butterfly Twists markets. Prices range from L55-L70. You can check out their collection here as they offer a 10% discount on your first order.

Butterfly Twists are known for their ballet flats, pumps, heels, and loafers that are made from innovative materials that are ethically sourced. The company prides itself in using leather materials that are "better for us and better for the planet"

According to The 2020 Conscious Fashion Report last February 2020, 'vegan leather' searches skyrocketed to 69% compared to the previous year (Google search data coverage is from February 2019 - February 2020). Shoppers have become more conscious of the brand they buy. Indeed, the demand for eco-friendly vegan leather has been increasing. As shoppers become more conscious, brands follow suit with their products. In the end, a win-win situation for both the shopper and the environment.

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