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Ethical Crush: Reviving a local craft

‘Ethical Crush?’ What is it?

Every week we feature a brand that aligns with our philosophy- a brand that we call our ‘ethical crush’. Every brand featured here strives to do its bit for the animals, the environment, workers. This week we bring you a brand that strives to preserve & revive a local craft and we love them because of this. They bring you one step closer to leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Our ‘Ethical Crush’ this week is..


What makes them different?

Preserving local craft is at the heart of what our ethical crush this week does. Artful details, free-spirited designs and materials you’ll feel incredible in – if we had to use a few words to describe the wonderland of Vraj:bhoomi, these would be the first to come to mind. Founded by Bhoomi Dani & Priyam Shah Vraj:bhoomi is a concept clothing label based out of Gujarat, India, working with desert artisans in transforming the traditional hand block printing skills to ethical aesthetic wear.  Vraj:bhoomi has revived a textile craft called “Ajrakh”, a form of hand block printing with resist dyeing using natural dyes.

We love the because 

Taking craftsmanship back to its most authentic, the people behind the brand’s garments work in complete harmony with their surroundings, using natural fabrics from sustainable sources. With every beautiful design they have from the signature kurtas to the cosy slippers, the label holds an important piece of culture and fashion history, while paying home to the origins of slow fashion. The brand is not only helping revive a traditional textile craft but also providing local employment by working with dessert artisans from the region.
Vraj:bhoomi is a zero waste label practicing and encouraging upcycling in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They upcycle their fabric waste and make handcrafted jewellery pieces that are environmentally conscious.
You can find out more about the brand by visiting their website

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