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News Feature: Vegan Meat Sales Predicted to Rise as Tesco Boost Eco-Drive

Vegan meat sales of Tesco should increase by 300% by 2025. As part of the eco-drive of the company, they are increasing their efforts to produce vegan meat. Tesco, the supermarket giant, has partnered with WWF in a bid to be more sustainable. Along with their measures include increasing the availability of vegan meat across all stores in 20 different categories that include ready meals, plant-based sausages, and party foods (among others.)

Another measure to boost sales is by making their products more affordable. They are trying to eliminate the "barrier cost" why some people still opt for animal meat rather than the sustainable option. Tesco plans to work with other food producers to bring new products into the market. Another measure is visibility. Tesco wants to provide a meat alternative where animal meat is featured. This means shelving animal meat and vegan meat together.

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said, "We know from our experience in tackling food waste that transparency and setting ambitious targets are the first steps towards becoming a more sustainable business. Our transparency on protein sales and our new sales target for meat alternatives gives us the platform to become more sustainable and will provide customers with even more choice."

Tesco's effort to become more sustainable is directed towards reducing their carbon footprint. Dave said that they will not be able to accomplish their transition to a more sustainable food system without the help of WWF and other players in the industry. They are calling other companies to be transparent in their sustainability impacts. They are also challenging the government to scale up innovations and regulate a playing field where companies aim towards a more sustainable process.

Tanya Steele, WWF CEO said that it is a great step that Tesco is leading the sector in tackling environmental impacts that could lessen the carbon footprint. In a report published by WWF, wildlife populations have declined by 68 percent because of the food system. The initiative of Tesco hopefully should fire up other players in the food industry.


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