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News Feature: Plant-Based Start-Ups Can Get Funding Upto £100,000

Are you a plant-based company looking for funding? If this is the case, you better sharpen those thinking minds and be at your best, so you can be granted funding that can boost your business. Pitch and Plant 2020 is supporting plant-based startups looking for investments. The investment company is offering a minimum total of £100,000 to finalists.

Vevolution created Pitch and Plant 2020, a global competition to promote sustainable living. Companies can apply from all over the world. They are not just looking for pitches in the food sector. They are opening their doors to technology, fashion, cellular meat and fish, and whatever your company can think of that can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Vevolution said that they have a range of investors with different interests.

The world needs more investors to put their money into promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. There are brilliant minds all over the world; (Even in the farthest corners of the globe) where investors are scarce. An opportunity like this can turn a startup company into a major brand that is globally-recognized in just a few years.

Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel said: “We are excited that all the startups who apply this year will go onto the BETA of the new Vevolution platform and will be seen by investors from all across the globe. Hopefully, Pitch & Plant will lead to many businesses finding the community support and investment they need to reach their business goals and positively change the world."

Applications are now open until November 8, 2020, only. Click here to know more. Just a reminder from the organizers, before sending your application, you have to make sure that you have a pitch ready, your investment round information, including the amount you are trying to raise. All proposals will be subject to due diligence. The virtual live event will take place on December 10, 2020. 

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