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News Feature: Cruelty-free 3D Printed Steak will be here soon

Livestock farming is one of the main contributors to global warming, generating more emissions than the global transportation sector. Redefine Meat, an Israeli-based startup company has invented a 3D printer that can produce cruelty-free steak on a large scale. This will make vegan meat available in restaurants and supermarkets. The company says it is going to be the same price (or even cheaper) than real animal meat giving the latter a run for its money.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO of Redefine Meat is proud to announce that the ‘Alt-Meat’ will be available soon. He said that this meat can actually pass as real meat. We won’t be able to tell the difference.

So, are you ready to taste alt-meat?

According to Chef Assaf Granit, a well-renowned celebrity chef, this vegan meat confused him. He did not know what to expect. According to him, the experience of the bite is just like that of biting a real steak. That the flavors play in your mind that “It makes no sense!”

To the untrained eye, this steak, when plated and served in a restaurant, can be mistaken for real animal meat. Eshchar is a man from the future and has redefined what meat should be (made of soy, pea, coconut, and sunflower). If what Chef Assaf says is true, then more restaurants all over the world can serve this.

Food technologists from the Redefine Meat lab have put a lot of work into making this not just look like real meat but also taste like real meat. According to Redefine’s food tech experts making it look the part is easy. The triggering of the palette to taste like real steak is the challenging part.

Vinita Turakhia, CEO and founder of Genuinely Not Leather, an ethical, cruelty-free, and sustainable brand said, “purchase in a way that least impacts the non-renewable natural resources”. Buying vegan steak is a one way of doing it. This will contribute greatly to a responsible and conscious purchase.

It will be easier to start a meat-free lifestyle now with Redefine’s alt-meat available in stores. You can start with meat-free Mondays (or make it meat-free every day!) Alt-steak is definitely a tasty option!


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