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Guest Feature by Vinita Turakhia: Making Sustainable Attainable

In her first guest feature with Coconutandwhat our Founder and Creative Director, Vinita Turakhia traces her journey from being "sustainable by chance' to 'sustainable by choice'.

Is sustainability a new concept, or has it been part of a lifestyle that we have forgotten of? How easy is it to make a switch, if at all we wish to make one?  The questions Vinita asked, the choices she made and simple tips we all can use to take one little step in this direction.

Please click here to read the guest feature. We look forward to your comments.


  • Do agree… sustainable living is the only way fwd. thank you for your insights .

    Natasha Vora
  • This was such a great read! Loved the points you make, especially the one on how our consumption today is based on the needs/wants that were unfulfilled when we were younger, certainly rings true for me.

    Ayesha Thakkar

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