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Ethical Crush: Cruelty-free skincare

‘Ethical Crush?’ What is it?

Every week we feature a brand that aligns with our philosophy- a brand that we call our ‘ethical crush’. A brand that encourages a sustainable lifestyle, is cruelty free and promotes local employment. Every brand featured here strives to do its bit for the animals, the environment and the workers involved in making the products and we love them because of this.

Our ‘Ethical Crush’ this week is..


With a mission to tackle your possible bad hair days alongside supporting the fight against climate change, KIND2 instantly caught our attention and we just knew we had to feature them as this week’s Ethical Crush. The brand promotes a sustainable lifestyle and it's formulas are made for the 21st century: they are vegan and completely free from silicones, parabens, plastic, sulphates, soap and all the harmful ingredients you don’t want close to your body. The shampoos and conditioners are solid which means no more one time use plastic bottles. The result? Plant-based magic that’s gentle on the hair and our planet.

What makes them different?

We love KIND2 for its focus on making sustainable lifestyle products affordable and accessible to you- a philosphy that aligns with GnL's. As compared to traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners which are made using atleast 80% water, KIND2 uses plastic free, soap free, solid formulas to make their products. By eliminating water from their formula, they need neither plastic packaging nor stabilisers using harsh chemicals.

  • The brand eliminates both plastic and water at source
  • Does not contain irritants in the form of sulphates, parabens, silicones
  • Is soap free and contains active plant based extracts and naturally derived essential oils
  • Is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal products
  • Is low waste and packaged using recycled cardboard

You can shop for KIND2 products on their website:

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