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Ethical Crush: Vegan wines for your sustainable lifestyle

‘Ethical Crush?’ What is it?

Every week we feature a brand that aligns with our philosophy- a brand that we call our ‘ethical crush’. Every brand featured here supports a sustainable lifestyle at the core and strives to do its bit for the animals, the environment, workers. 

Our ‘Ethical Crush’ this week is..

L'Original Wine

What makes them different?

Leading a sustainable lifestyle and finding it hard to find your favourite bottle of wine? We’ve got a wonderful Ethical Crush for you. The joy of sitting back and having a glass of wine amplifies when we know it was consciously crafted. L'original wine takes a sustainable approach with their clean-crafted, vegan collection that contains no chemicals or added sugar (not to mention their absolutely gorgeous label designs, which will look perfect on your counter)

We love them because...

Do you follow a sustinable lifestyle and enjoy a glass of wine every once in a while?  Many people are not aware but some wines and spirits are made using animal products. Surprised? Wonder why fermented grape juice would contain animal products?

Well, when wine is made, it is normally cloudy and contains some tannins and other suspended particles.  Wine makers could wait for these particles to settle at the bottom naturally or filter them out manually. The process of filtering these substances out is called 'fining'. Some of the animal products that have traditionally been used in the fining process are listed below. All of these are non-vegan, while some are also non-vegetarian.

  • Blood and bone marrow Casein (milk protein)
  • Chitin (fiber from crustacean shells)
  • Egg albumen
  • Fish oil Gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts)
  • Isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes)

Our ethical crush this week is an artisan winemaker with a touch of style. Their wines are clean-crafted, vegan & natural.
These wines do not contain chemicals or added Sugar. No Sulfite as well!



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