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Ethical Crush: Sustainable Baby Accessories

Ethical Crush- What is it?

Every week we feature a brand that aligns with our philosophy- a brand that we call our ‘ethical crush’. A brand that encourages a sustainable lifestyle, is cruelty free and empowers local communities. Every brand featured here strives to do its bit for the animals, the environment and the workers involved in making the products and we love them because of this.

Our ‘Ethical Crush’ this week is..

GnL’s Ethical Crush this week is Hong Kong based Pepper & Mint Boutique. Pepper & Mint makes adorable snuggle blankets and mini shoes perfect for your little ones after a day of running (or crawling) around. Pepper & mint boutique embraces classic craftsmanship and combines its creative visions with the purest materials.

Pepper & Mint’s mini shoes and snuggle blankets are ethically made and created by home-based crafters, who are mostly stay-at-home moms and dads. In this way, Pepper & Mint supports and empowers local communities of stay-at-home parents in developing countries, and their business model allows them to produce exceptional products and maintain high-integrity labour practices. When you purchase from Pepper & Mint you are helping to support the families of these wonderful crafters.

Alongside their cute designs, the brand also empowers communities in Tacloban, Philippines by being a proud supporter of the Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV) charity organisation.

Pepper & Mint has also been using excess fabric (left from the last batch of production of their shoes) to create reusable masks with the help of their skilled seamstresses. Instead of putting these masks up for sale, Pepper & Mint donated these masks to various nursing homes in Indonesia to help those who were taking care of the most vulnerable people of the community.


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