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Covid-19 Leads Shopper Awareness Towards Ethical Fashion

Pandemic End is Nowhere Near?

We have been taking blows left and right because of the pandemic. People have lost their jobs. Stock markets crashed. The economy is nowhere near recovery. The updated unemployment rate report has shown that the unemployment rate in the US has reached unprecedented levels. The country has reached 39.7% last April and has declined 15% in November.

Like a domino effect, the consumers tighten their belts and shop less and buy only the essentials. There has also been a trend that consumers do not just buy essentials but also move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. They have become more conscious of their health. In a published article in the UK, doctors urge people to go vegan to avoid future pandemics. It states, "Plant-Based Health Professionals (PBHP) say the connection between major disease outbreaks and factory farming is being 'swept under the carpet' amid the coronavirus pandemic, as they join a wave of experts urging people to go vegan."

Journey Towards Ethical Lifestyle: A Passing Trend or a Lifestyle Movement?

As 2020 draws to a close, has the journey towards a more ethical lifestyle on an upward trend, or has it come to a halt? The crisis brought about by the coronavirus deepened not just the recession has forced many people to rethink their spending. According to Dawn Karen, a fashion psychologist said that the longer we stay in this kind of situation, the more our fashion sense will evolve.

Here are some trends that you might say are brought about by the pandemic:

  1. Focus on the Eyes - the sale of eye makeup rose as Americans looked for ways to express themselves behind the face masks. The sale for false eyelashes increased to 15% in May 2020. And as businesses began to open, mascara sales rose and eyebrow products jumped to 5% more. People have been more focused on skincare during this time of the pandemic.
  2. No more high heels and stiff dress shoes - The sales for men's and women's dress shoes plunged to 70 percent by the end of April. High heels sales are way down but slipper sales have doubled in April as shoppers splurged on more comfortable wear while on lockdown. Since people are also working from home, there is a lesser need for them to go out in their high heels.
  3. Basic Fashion sense - According to the Washington Post, although malls are reopening, people are not rushing towards malls and buying the latest trends. With money getting tighter, people are buying essential fashion needs instead of impulse purchases. Jeans, joggers, and leggings are now best sellers.
  4. Casual Wear - the corporate world has led the American people to go back to casual wear. Americans have retreated from wearing blazers and ties and have gone to the more athletic and casual wear as they try to be healthier with their lifestyle. Fashion gurus expect that there will be more mix and matches when dressing up and dressing down. And it will be okay to wear the same thing almost every day.
  5. Return to ethical fashion - Trends have become a little less important and sustainability in fashion is on an upward movement. People have realized that ethical fashion is not just a better option because of its impact on the environment but also because ethical fashion has already caught up with the style of mainstream fashion.

The question is: Will this ethical fashion awareness stay for good?!

Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

The Pandemic is nowhere near its end even if experts from all over the world are nearing the discovery of vaccines. Whatever the case is, the fashion sense of shoppers, the food cravings, the recreational activities of people will remain in "pandemic" mode for the next 10 years.

Some mainstream fashion brands have skipped innovating new clothes for their Spring and Summer Collections. Brands have produced physical shows but has limited the number of attendees and even used "puppet performers" to promote the fashion line. Other brands have moved towards streaming their Fashion Collection on YouTube, Facebook live, or twitch.

The move towards a more sustainable future in fashion will remain for at least 10 years. The hope for small companies who promote ethical fashion awareness is for this trend to remain for more than 10 years.


Why it is Important to Buy Ethical Fashion During Pandemic

When you buy from ethical fashion brands during the pandemic, you do not just help yourselves with your purchases, you also connect with all the people behind the production. Your favorite bag from GnL was made by someone who was paid fairly. The supply chain GnL supports small-time businesses that are also in need during this time of the pandemic. Enormous layoffs of garment workers have occurred. We support the people who make our products.

You minimize zoonotic diseases and animal materials. Covid 19 likely originated from a wet market where the animal disease was transmitted to humans. 75% of emerging diseases in humans are thought to be from animals. Buying sustainable fashion reduces the demands of animal products.

Ethical vegan fashion keeps us safe. Instead of buying a crocodile skin bag, you can opt for a fashionable plant-based bag that comes from teak leaves that are not just virus free but also harvested from leaves that already fell from the tree.

It is time to make smarter fashion choices not just because it is a trend during this pandemic but because it is the better option.

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