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Ethical Crush: A sustainable lifestyle with leafpads

‘Ethical Crush?’ What is it?

Every week we feature a brand that aligns with our philosophy- a brand that we call our ‘ethical crush’. Every brand featured here strives to do its bit for the animals, the environment and the workers involved in making the products and we love them because of this. They bring you one step closer to leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Our ‘Ethical Crush’ this week is..


What makes them different?

Making your feminine hygiene routine comfortable and more sustainable & conscious- leaf.pads rethinks the norm of single-use menstrual products and offers an eco-friendly solution taking you closer to leading a sustainable lifestyle.

An average woman uses around 11000 single use menstrual products throughout her life. These single use products (comprising mainly of sanitary pads) take 500-800 years to decompose! These products are made from styrofoam, polyester and soft plastic and not only harm wildlife but also damage our natural ecological balance.

Designed by Ruth, these pure cotton pads are durable, soft and washable, meaning that they will stay with you throughout many cycles. An extra finishing touch we absolutely adore is the variety of different patterns and shades – because your cycle shouldn’t just be about gloomy days and discomfort!

We love them because...

  • The lifecycle of a leaf pad is around 10 years and they can be composted at the end of their life cycle these pads can be composted. The stainless steel snap fasteners used here are also eco-friendly
  • pads are 100% cotton. The are plastic-free and synthetic-free

You can find leaf.pads on ETSY store here

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